About Me

My profile in some details...

Marital status:VERY happily married
Height:5' 1"
Sense of humor:Friendly, clever, goofy
Smoking:Doesn't smoke
Employment status:Full time wife, mom, home maker, homeschooling mom
Interests:God, my family & kids, reading, computer games, tv, movies, 
What do I do in my spare time? I love to get out my laptop and play computer games. Some of my favorite computer games are:

The Sims 2
The Movies
I love playing on Pogo.com
Family Feud Online

I love watching tv. Some of my favorite tv shows are: Everybody loves Raymond, Haunting, Dr. G, Little People Big World and many more.

I'm a huge movie fan freak. People are shocked to learn that I just LOVE a good horror movie.

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