Welcome to "Bear"ly Used Toys

Bearly Used Toys

Welcome to Bearly Used Toys.

Used toys from our family to yours!

(This is for only local area people only. I don't ship the toys. We are located in GA)

Just look through the toy list by clicking on the button above that says - Our Used Toys

or just click on the button below that says - Show me the toys!

After that you will see our toys. View the toys and if you see something you like you can click on the link in that text the says (more . . . ) to view a larger photo & more info.

If you find a toy or toys you want to buy just fill out the contact form (by clicking on in the menu button that says CONTACT) just fill it out the form listing the toy or toys you are interested in.  I'll get the email and contact you back with the total price.

Best of all if you want 3 or more toys we'll knock off a few $$$ off the total price!

We accept CASH & PAYPAL.

Also feel free to ask any questions.
Our used Toys

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About us 

We are a Christian homeschooling family selling some of our used toys!

This is an online store for my local area. Only people living near me can buy from me since I don't ship the toys. If you got an email from a local homeschooling group, a church group or Craigs List then you should be fine.

Looking for a deal?

Buy 3 or more toys & you'll get them for a lot less!

Just email me which toys you want and I'll knock off a few more $$$.
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