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Musini - MagicSensor

Price: $10.00
Product Description
A perfect gift for rambunctious toddlers & active children the Musini music box provides a constructive way for children to channel their physical and creative energy. While kids step, jump, turn, and tap, the Musini's patented MusicSensor detects their every move and translates it into a totally unique musical response, teaching cause and effect. A Style Dial encourages children to explore the five different musical styles, ranging from jazz to classical, and musical variation buttons offer four different interpretations of each musical style. Musini's premium sound quality and sturdy construction are designed to withstand years of musical exploration. This toy has been awarded many prestigious honors, including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Toy Award, Parents Magazine Best Toys of the Year, and Family Fun Magazine's Toy of the Year Finalist. Additional music cartridges for Musini are available and sold separately.

Retails used on for $19.99-$40 

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About my toy -
This is a used toy & still in great working shape. My kids got this for Christmas about 3yrs ago or so. They have enjoyed it. We do have another cartridge that goes with it, but I will have to look for it & I think I know where it is. When & if found it will go to the buyer free of charge.  

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