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Pretend & PlayŽ Teaching Telephone

Price: $7.50
Dial and learn phone skills! Great for imaginative play, too.
Ages 3-6
Experts agree that it's important for kids to learn phone skills early. Make it fun!

Encourages children to learn their home phone number and how to dial 911 in case of an emergency through interactive play

  1. Allows you to easily program in numbers you want children to learn and record reward messages they'll hear when they dial correctly

  1. Also plays preprogrammed messages children hear when they dial a number correctly

  1. Invites imaginative play that also supports oral language development

  1. Features realistic ring and design, with big buttons for little hands

  1. Boosts children's confidence in life skills

  1. Includes holder for standard 3"L x 2"H notepaper

  1. Requires 3 AA batteries, included

  1. Ages 3-6

Retails brand new at - $39.95

I have lost the instructions but I have included a link where you can download them in a PDF file.

Download instructions

Condition of my toy

Used toy & still in great working shape.

The front part has come off which use to say 911 plus you could write you phone number in there too. The cord is tangled some.

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