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Fantasy Pony Dream Castle

Price: $6.00
.I bought this for my daughter a few years ago along with a bunch of My Little Ponies.

This isn't an original My Little Pony Castle, but the size is just right for them.

The castle is by a company called - Spectra

For girls who love horses, this Fantasy Pony Dream Castle is a dream come true. Regal and fit for the prettiest ponies, the expandable castle features several rooms and lets girls play from any angle.  Castle measures approximately 21" x 9" x 17.5".

Retails at - $24

Condition of my toy

This is used.  But is still in good condition for any child to enjoy.

It still folds up well for easy storage.  One of the castle doors is missing. It is a door with two parts and just one part is gone. One of the towers is a tad loose, but I'm not sure if it is suppose to be since it is on the part that opens and closes.

When I bought this I bought a bunch of My Little Pony dolls also. We were only able to find one, but we will keep looking and who ever buys it will at least get 1 and we promise to give the next 4 or 5 we find too.

(We are doing a lot of basement cleaning so I can guarantee you that we'll find some more!) 


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