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This website is the starting point of a few of my other sites.

You will find links to my homeschooling site, our family website (still in the works) & Faithful Productions my custom DVD website which is also still in the early stages.

Take a look around and make yourself at home.

My old site

My old site focused a lot on how God was helping me heal from past childhood sexual abuse. He has helped me tons & I look forward to the day I have the time and energy to share the work He has done in my life.

But right now with my family, homeschooling and keeping house I just don't have time to focus on that right now. I do hope though as time allows to add some bits and piece of my healing from: depression, panic disorder, multi personality disorder aka DID and post traumatic stress disorder. I know God wants me to share my story and I will again soon.

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I am in the very early stages of updating my website.

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