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Here are some of my favorite links. I hope you enjoy them.

My stuff online

Prayer Request sites

Something troubling you? Do you need prayer? When something is weighing heavily on me I always get such a relief by asking others to pray for me. Here are few of my favorite sites:

Prayer Request: World Center for Intercessory Prayer Page - This is my favorite site for prayer. You get a personal e-mail each time someone prays for you!
Prayer Request: World Center for Intercessory Prayer Page

Graphic sites

I love all the wonderful graphic sites & ere are tons online! I can't get enough websets, sig tags & more!! Here are some of my favorite links:


Blog and Website creation

TOWeb is a software accessible to anyone wishing to quickly create and maintain a personal or professional website.

I use to love making websites and using my own personal layouts and using TONS of country graphics, but now that my kids are older I don't have as much free time. So I needed some quick and easy to create, update and manage my website. I kept coming back to ToWeb. I love it!

Graphics from:

Graphics by Grace - no longer online
Creative Ladies Ministries Graphics

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